Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life can be too easy ... Or hard ?

Why do you make me fell this way ?
I'm soo confused.
I don't wanna loss you, but it seems that way.
I pretty much hate you , but by the minute I love you.
You break my hearth , and glue it right back.
It just might be me.
But it seems to me, we've growned apart.
It isn't my desire , but it just happen.
Didn't you notice .
Our last 5 months .
How everything shook.
And the towers just tremble.
As everything started.
Just started over.
Makng me fell left over.
We are just talking .
When it's hits me right back.
Everything has change.
Everyone knows something different .
But she might as well know the thruth.
He says it's fine , by making him mine.
I fell the pain.
As I think of the wrong.
Making me fell.
Like I just broke.
They say it's fine.
But I see no change.
They make seem like nothing can break.
I see everyone eyes.
Surrounded by my regret.
I just realiaze.
What the whole point is.

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