Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just plain old toughts.

I wish my name wasn't said.
I wish I was never borned.
I wish my voice wasn't heard.
I wish I was dead.
I wish my parents loved me.
I wish I could live.
I wish that my heart had fellings.
I wish I could make it right.
I wish dreams weren't so real.
I wish I couldn't see.
I wish my life wasn't a mess.
I wish I could change a soul.
I wish my love for you wasn't strong.
I wish I could actually be pretty.
I wish life was as easy as walking.
I wish I could just eat.
I wish phones weren't everything.
I wish I could drink.
I wish everything wasn't perfect.
I wish I could drug.
I wish school wasn't soo hard.
I wish I could fail.
I wish my eyes couldn't see.
I wish I didn't need help.
I wish he didn't push me to the limit.
I wish I could just live.

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