Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life as it is.

A life can be destroied in seconds.

A heart can break in just minutes.

Life can just change in a few hours.

Nothing can be the same in two days.

One week can be either good or bad.

One of then will somehow bring you actuall happiness .

The changes seasons as you drift in personalities.

Don't you just hate it when you start crying and can't stop ? Just a
few seconds changing a life , making everything works withing
minutes , by the end of the day you see everything has changed. In a
week everything is spread out , people just crying. A few months and
you just want to forget everything.By a year you remember him like
nothing else in the world.
I seem to cry everytime I remember you baldie. I miss you soo bad .
You were my only hero. I wish I could of said goodbye. I cry as I
type . Hhis won't be easy for me. I could never , ever forget you. I
miss you . Please come back ? I think how everyone had their own
nickname their own joke. That amazing party I helped plan. That bright
smile that could change anyone world. How can it be possible that your
gone . It hit just yesterday and I can't help to bear with all the
pain. I know your waching me from heaven. I have that smile in my face
everyday , just trying to resemble you but I don't know how I will
make it another day knowing your gone. Please , someone tell me this
is all a dream...
I miss you toopsie <3

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