Tuesday, August 11, 2009

something in between

Just sitting here makes me think
about life and everything in between.
About friendship and love.
being broken and fixed.
being told everything will be fine
but at the end you just collapse
you wanna get up , but you just hear
a voice telling you to stop.
loosing all the hope.

going back to school
will be pure torture
just thinking about orientation
make me shiver.
seeing everyone.....
friends , enemies , and that guy who
you couldn't get out of your head
the whole , hot amazing summer.

talking on IM in
myspace and facebook.
remembering old times.
when you were just a kid.
all you tough about was being by mommy
and having that cookie after dinner.
you couldn't wait to grow up...

now we wish we were kids again.
that all this trouble in life
would just poof out of the universe.
that guys were again just someone
else you know out there.
not that crush that killing you inside.

Family just doesn't get you days ,
you are just wishing there was
someone to talk to.
even if they had no advise.
just a small way to let everything out.
you get in trouble just for talking on the phone
a little too much and wasting all the minutes.
its after 7 , and you open the door
you hear a scream
and you already know what wrong.
making you fell even worse.

Friends are your life.
they one with the ears and a loving heart.
You think about them every time
you fell like running away.
They make you stay ,
and just forget.
They are reason you get up every morning.
By 7Th grade you are trying to figure out
who your true friends are
even tough you want to be the girl
by left , but she just forget about what you said
you end up with right , felling the best about life.

now I'm thinking about something in between.
where i can see that light
that leads me on.

once again , i fell alone
stuck by four wall,
just having a computer and small phone
that help me through the day.

i hear the phone , and its someone
i didn't expect ....
felling nervous i answer the phone.
5 minutes later . you fell the best
but realize is just a friend

the call that made you day
making you think about something in between
to follow that light
that leads you in life.

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