Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Love is a felling you cannot regret ,
making you fell like there is nothing else out there.

Love just bundles up inside you heart ,
making a warm felling inside you.
Love can beat any other felling ,
except the fear of loosing .... losing love.
Love is just out there ,
hiding it self from everyone else , being hard to find.
Love can be hard to find ,
but can easily be loss in the big world.
Love is just afraid of being abuse ,
and being left behind after the one.
Love can be afraid of just being
called "it" after a few months.
Love can be a solution to the
roughest life out there.
Love will change the darkest person ,
cleaning the soul and bringing happiness.
Love can be found in the smallest ,
form like a friendship or just a pet.
Love will not just show it self ,
but i can just be in front of you.
Love should not be mistreated ,
or just said out there.
Love can not , should not
just be said after two days.
Love is a felling , not a game.

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