Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everything and Nothing.

Well, heres a story made long.
Im just going to pour my whole self out.
I dont really care what happens from now on.

It all pretty much started on october 2nd(my first day in school).
The very first person i met was Paris Ring.
She was an office helper back then in office two.
My very fist impression ? ,
''shes an 8th grader,i will never be her friend'' .
Thats when i decided to find some other people to be frinds with.
I also remember my mom making some weird Comment about her makeup...
"you see her , shes prolly a bad student.She looks painted."
i trully didnt care what my mom said about her.
She seemed nice and cool.
In choir i met Katy V. , Katy B. and well also alyson.
But i soon as i walked in, it was katy v. who just poped out.
She was pretty(no homo),and just plain outgoin.
Just like me.
I tought we were going to be the best of frinds, but i was wrong.
She was bff with the other katie and aly.
I never really tought aly fitted in that group.
She was just so... nerdy and well ; ugly.
Not to be mean or anything but i really like to speak my mind.
I was always nice and never said a word about my toughts.
In choir i also meet megan p , emma , daria, jamie , kim , jamaria , and other people.
In social studies i met Olivia but we didn't really talked there
thats when i realized that paris was in 7th grade and not 8th.
In the middle of s.s i had to go to my locker.
The teacher sended paris to help me.
and i remeber that so well , and so does paris.
At the very end of s.s i remember Paris trying to be nice ,
but katy just decided to take her out of the way.
All she said was , " I can take her paris"
I was so bummed , i really wanted to met her.
I had a couple classes with Katy B. and and Paris.
In math most of the people were there ,
olivia,paris , the katys and other people like aimee and liz.
This is where Me and Olivia finally met.
I didnt really like her that much at first.
Then came lunch , i wanted to sit everywhere.
I pretty much knew everyone . but i hadnt really made much friends.
I ended up sitting with The katys.
I trully liked them.
By the end of the day i felt like i was friends with everyone.
but i knew i wasnt.
In the bus i met Josie , Brianna, and emma.
They were cool but we didnt really click at first.
Weeks past and everything was the same way.
I was always with the Katys.
and never really talked to Paris , Olivia, Jamaria or anyone else. Just the katies.
It was somewhat the end of october ,i remeber the katys wishpering about some party.
Days later i was invited.
It was their hallowwen party.
By the time i got there , i was late.
We had gotten loss in big reynoldsburg.
Theres a big memory from that party.
Katy saying "oh! I forgot i invited yoou..."
then she rolled her eyes , and looked away.
she just kept roosting her mashmallow and didnt even say hi.
By november i felt left out.
Then one late wednesday night.
i decided to log on myspace.
thats when i founded out that paris had added me.
I was just too happy. 2/11/2009
We started talking , and by a few days i was talking to her at school.
After that people just added me in myspace.
Everything went well for a few days ,
i sat at two tables.
which i felt pretty happy about.
then came chearleading tryouts.
thats where me , brianna, josie , and desy became friends.
by then i started to sit a three tables!
it was just to good to be true...
days later , i found out i hadnt made chearleading...
november went fine after that.
bascket ball games came and went.
but something fishy was up.
i could just tell.
then december came by soo fast.
my dad decided to cancell my hpone until about february.
soo , i was just hopeless.
then right before christmas break , katy b. decided to have another party.
this time they didnt forget about me.
but i felt different.
yeah , we had fun . but it just wasnt the same.
since a few days before , when i was with paris and olivia outside in recess
they just decided to start calling me a trader , and nobody.
christmas break came and i went staright to florida.
i talked to no one during this break.
when we came back it was fun and i had a haircut.
back at school it was.
everyone ssaid it loooked cute , but i hate it.
i was pretty sure they were pure , white lies...
i would talk to paris and olivia
everyday on myspace because i wanted to be close with them
and on january 12
paris told me she was going out with Rome
what a cute couple!
after that evrything was just great , except for one small thing...
my ex-bff from gahanna(amy bott) was hatting on my new friends
i was just soo stupid back then , she just told me what to do and i did it!
then she started calling three of my best friends saying they were bitches ,
and after a while i believe what she said
and just started thinking the same way.
one day , without thinking
i was just so mad that i said it out loud
and wrote it all over myspace
what happen after ? you guess it!
big ugly fight!
i said sorry millions of times , meaning it every single time
i forgot about amy , and decided to continue with my new friends
trying to continue my new life
then on 2/11/2009
my world just collapsed.
i was called everything you could think of.
and i was all over in a couple profiles.
days later they forgave me and im still trying to gain their trust.
i believe they are just my true friends.
Paris , Olivia , and Jamaria.
once again. i am sorry and i mean it.
on the 20th my sister was born , and it was just wonderfull.
on april megan p has just the most amazing party ever!
thats where i met Rachell P.
and also where jamaria trully forgave me!
she is just amazing.
we both compronted amy , and we won.
then the dance was just amazing,
i love it.
then desy spend the night
but my parents didnt like her
but i dudnt care and i still dont
and well by then i knew paris and olivia had giving me their forgiveness.
then came alys easter party , which i missed and they
were just pisssed at me .
but i truly didnt care.
they always left me and alli c behing.
so they could just die at that time
yea , we talked on the phone.
but i never said anything.
my birthday came around
and so did the party.
everyone remeber it
except for them
the katys and aly
by the end they off my party list!
summer was comming
and olivia and paris were becoming my best friends
i met janelle
but had and ugly fight with megan h.
wich olivia helped me trought
she was the best
there was everything and nothing in my life.
now that is summer i have loss and gain friends
megan and i made up wich is the best.
but the katys have been getiing in my nerves
i just dont know what to do about them.
they only want me for my pictures.
and aly , wll the first wekk of school.
shes going to know the truth.
i dont like her!
and i just cant be nice to her.
I also remeber marrisa my lsitner and
janelle my buddie
megan my sister
simone my twin, listner , and jsut the person whos always there.
paris and olivia . my two best friends
even tough at first i wanted the katys to be up there,
i found my true friends
and the katys loss their place.
i miss all my true friends
i really want to spend time with every single one of them.
they are just amazing
me and josie are are close as ever ,
she is just becoming one of the best
this can allso realte to my friends blog.
hate me/
i . dont . care
its my life
my opinions
but i know who i can stick with.
i love you guys!

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